Saturday, April 07, 2007

Our little writers' group, Pooks' Peeps, just had its first anniversary. We celebrated by wearing little funny hats and having lunch at Cozymels, a Mexican restaurant specializing in seafood. (Okay, we didn't really wear the hats, but we did have lots of fun. )

Although we've had a couple of rough spots, I'm pleased that now we have a group that is functioning just as I envisioned and hoped for over a year ago. There are three of us who are still together since the first meeting. A fourth member is a former critique partner of Pooks who fits in extremely well, and now Pooks herself has joined us.

It's such a joy to get face-to-face feedback from people who sincerely care about you and your work. I know I'm a better writer because of them, and I'm profoundly grateful.