Friday, September 29, 2006

Big Brother?

One thing London is famous for is its thousands of security cameras.

Next week, The City of Dallas will install 40 surveillance cameras to monitor activities in its downtown area.

Here's what I don't understand: Why does this upset (some) people? Why are they screaming "Big Brother?"

How is this an infringement on our privacy if the cameras are located in public places? I say if it's legal for a flesh-and-blood cop to stand in the same place as the camera, then what's the difference? If a cop can stand at the intersection of Main and First Streets of Anytown, USA, and legally watch everything that's going on there, why is having a camera positioned in the same area considered an intrusion?

Aren't we just taking advantage of modern tech to make it easier and cheaper to keep an eye out for crime? We stopped using horse-drawn fire wagons loaded with water barrels when better tech became available, didn't we? So why all the fuss over surveillance cameras in public places?

I don't get it.