Monday, May 14, 2007

As the worlds turn

We had our last class today, in Pooks' Blueprinting Your Novel course. This is the second class I've taken from her, the first being Writing a Novel a few years ago. I wish the class could have continued for a few more weeks - in fact that was the only "criticism" I made on the evaluation sheet - that the class was too short! (Pooks, however, may not agree - after all, she wasn't just teaching the class I was in, but another Blueprinting class in the evening, plus two other classes.)

Anyway, today was Show and Tell. We each brought things from the times and places our novels are set in. I was impressed that one person brought music (jazz) and scent (lavender mixed with things I'd never heard of and, alas, don't know how to spell, but that smelled wonderful, just the same.) Another brought photographs and a handmade artifact of the people she's writing about, and someone else brought a mock-up of her characters' MySpace pages. It was a lot of fun, and it let us in on a way to get into the world(s) of our characters. Very effective.

Speaking of worlds ... this IMVU 3-D chat thing is amazing (to me, anyway, because I'm so new to it - it might be ho-hum for the rest of you, and if so, I don't care!) You can create a world of your own for your Avatar to explore. Say ... this would be a great way to explore your characters! Pooks? You must mention this to your next class! Oh, and if anyone still has an invitation that I sent them, all you have to do is accept it and I'll get tons of points. Just thought I'd mention that. Ahem. Doesn't mean you have to actually participate or anything. :)

Here's me (on the left) with Lavender on her very own IMVU pirate ship. (Why didn't I think of getting a pirate ship?) This is virtual reality, so I could have... I could have ... anything ... OMG.