Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

Surprisingly Naturally, Chapterhouse didn't make it to the finals in the Blogger's Choice Awards, although it was [sniffle] an honor to be nominated. (Love ya, mean it!)

Voting for 2007 is closed, so all blog votes have been zeroed out.

What remains are the finalists in each category, with winners being announced Saturday, November 10th, here.


So much for the big leagues...

But YOU want the important stuff, right? Okay, so here are my personal picks from those blogs in my little corner of the Blogosphere - my Blogroll:

Best Animal Blog: I pick FortyPaws. This woman rescued and cares for ten cats who are survivors from one of those Crazy Cat Lady houses. When I say she "cares for" them, I mean that she spends enormous amounts of time and money taking them to the vet, paying for needed surgeries, tending to their various individual needs and illnesses, providing special diets where necessary, and in general being the most compassionate animal lover I think I've ever seen!

Best Libertarian Blog: Mandlebrot's Chaos at Chaotic Fred Farts Fire. MC is "just a simple redneck with an IQ in the 140s," whose usually brilliant posts offer unique perspectives on current goings-on (example: Bush and Cheney are NOT Machiavellian, and we're all worse for it.) Always makes me think - wait until after your first cuppa.

Best Blog About Stuff: Planet Pooks. Pooks has everything from Anglicans to Writing, including Cycling, Coffee, and the Dallas Cowboys. She's a personal friend and part-time mentor.

Best Blog Design: That would be Dawn at Lavender's Daydreams. She's extremely talented (she designed Chapterhouse, among others.) She's Mom to four kids, one of whom is special needs. She goes to school. She writes. She's pagan. She's the only blogger friend (besides Pooks, whom I knew before blogging) that I've actually talked to on the phone and seen on IM. She is one cool lady.

Best Snark: L'Ennui-Melodieux. Randal Graves has the soul of a poet, which he lets us glimpse from time to time, when he's not um, enthusing? about sports (ho-hum, unless it's the Cowboys, of course), or posting something snarky and scathing about politics. Oh, and some of it is in French.

Blog With the Most Content: Left of Centrist. I don't know how Robert Rouse does it. This is just one of his blogs. In addition to at least two daily posts, You've got yer Blog World Report, yer Forum, yer Fun With Photoshop, yer Politics, yer YouTub, and yer Latest News, just to name a few features. Whew! I get overwhelmed sometimes, there's so much to see and read.

Most Compassionate Blogger: Dr. Deb Serani. Deb is a psychologist who always has something thought-provoking and/or entertaining to post from that field. Her blog has received numerous nominations and awards. From time to time she is a professional consultant for TV shows, too. She has lots of commentors on her blog, and she never fails to answer each and every one of them.

Best Liberal Blogger: Lizzy at The OCD Gen X Liberal. She had the word "liberal" tattooed across her shoulders, people! That's dedication. Plus, she occasionally posts the most hysterical videos of her smooshy-faced dogs.

Best Foreign Language Blog: Que? Well, let's see ... that would have to be Dan over at Puppet Show because I often don't know what the hell he's talking about. :) (Actually, he's quite brilliant, even though he's Canadian.)

Smartest Blog: Zandpearl. She's an astronomy professor. She doesn't post very often, but it's about quality, not quantity.

Blogger I Wish I Could Actually Meet and Hug: Garnie. Garnie's been a blogger friend since 'way back when I had my first blog, Okey-Dokey, Let's Get Started. She's been going through an unbelievably rough time lately, and I just wish I could be there with her. She's a teacher and a biker and a pagan and is married to Honey, the love of her life.

Best Geek Blog: John (Duke of Earle) at Romantic Ramblings. John has expertise in everything from Windows Vista to toilets. It's frightening. He's also a writer and a golfer (ahem) and a Conspiracy theorist (has to be with a capital "C"), but not in the way you might think.

Best Outraged Blogger: Let's Talk. He finds an outrageous video or ad or something that illustrates the latest depravity from the Far Right, then writes his own an analysis of the issue, and usually ends with, "What say you?"

Best Humorous Blog: Old Horsetail Snake. Hoss delivers the goods, what with his laugh-out-loud jokes, witticisms, observations on life, word-of-the-day, not to mention such esoterica as reincarnation and dung beetles.

Best Photography Blog: That's Paul's (1138) photography blog, only he doesn't want it advertised, so you'll just have to ask him about it.

Best Political Blog (Female): That would be Mary Ellen over at Divine Democrat. This lady posts not just once, but sometimes two and three times a day! Her posts are often thought-provoking and always informative, detailing the latest crock-o-shit rolling down the hill - Capitol Hill, that is. She gets lots of comments, and most times, they start commenting with each other, so it's like everyone meeting in her cozy parlor, chatting it up while sipping vino.

Best Political Blog (Male): Tom Harper's Who Hijacked Our Country? Like Mary Ellen's, this place feels like home - lots of back and forth commenting among the, uh, commentors. Tom always seems to find stuff we didn't know about, and presents the material in ways that are smart and snarky.

Best Blog About Unexpected Stuff: Snave has this cornered. Where else can you get Feces in the News except at Various Ecstasies, hm? I rest my case.

Geez, I love you guys.